Massage Therapist

Maria Anderson

Elevation Massage & Bodywork

541 Granberry St.

Houston, Tx 77007


Lloyd Adams

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

1712 Fairview

Houston, Tx 77006


I'm listing below the Professionals who we know and highly recommend. (In alphabetical order).....

​​Pilates / Gyrotonic

Kim Cramer

Studio Petite Cote

3100 Timmons Lane 140

Houston, Tx 77027



Elizabeth Jones-Boswell

Pilates Conditioning & Restoration

2308 Bissonnet, Suite B

Houston, Tx 77005



"Acupuncture and herbs corrected my asthma and has allowed me to have a much more full life.  It is very good for strengthening the immune system.  The acupuncture session is very comfortable  I have recommended Acupuncture Therapeutic Center and Dr. Ling Wang many times to others.

                                            -  Dr. R.M.

Welcome to.....

3100 Timmons Lane

Suite# 540

Houston, Texas 77027


"Acupuncture had definitely helped strengthen my immune system and improved my bone density.  I began taking acupuncture treatments three years ago because I had previously been diagnosed "at risk" for osteoporosis.  Thanks to good nutrition, acupuncture, vitamin-mineral supplements and exercise my bone density is now normal.

I always feel comfortable during Dr. Ling Wang's sessions because the clinic ambiance is tranquil and Dr. Ling is gracious, compassionate, and entirely professional.  I have great confidence in her.  I always look forward to my weekly sessions and definitely recommend this integrative treatment as an effective way to maintain overall good health."

                                                       -Sharon D.

Hairdresser / Make-up Artist

Steven Merrill - Owner

Steven Merrill Studio

2415 Rosamond St

Houston, Tx 77098


Joel Quinones - Owner & Artistic Director

Q the Salon

1512 B West Alabama

Houston, Tx 77006


"Keeping the immune system strong has resulted in overall improvement in health.  When I get my yearly physicals, Doctors are amazed at results, "how are you doing this, they ask?"  Everyone is surprised when they find out my age is near 70.  

It is a very comfortable ambiance- warm & friendly.  You feel you are being treated by people who really care.  It has been a wonderful experience for our family for 6 years now."  

                                                      - Jim J


Acupuncture Therapeutic

& Beauty Center

Fitness Trainer

Soraya Lebsak

West U - YMCA

"My immune system is strong and my physical stamina is good.  My allergies are under control and my body continues recovery from a recent surgery.  Using the herbs has worked well for me.  The clinic ambiance is very good.  I like Dr. Ling Wang's personal touch and attention to our overall high standards.

I would absolutely recommend Acupuncture Therapeutic Center to others."

                                                     - Trudy H.


Fine ARts Appraiser

Dr. Antonio Loro - Owner, Painter

Loro Fine Art Studio

2505 Spring Creek Dr, Spring, TX 77373
(281) 350-1006

​Ceramic Potter

Satya Shepherd

1905 W. 15th St.

Houston, Tx 77008


Advanced Rolfing

Deborah Starrett

2127 Wroxton

Houston, Tx 77005


Interior Design 

Shannon Mann

3214 Mercer St.,

Houston, Tx 77027


Yoga Therapy

Satya Shepherd

1905 W. 15th St
Houston, TX 77008